Why do I need a literary agent?

  • Your agent can get your foot in the door. Most major commercial publishers won’t accept manuscript submissions directly from authors. Instead, they will read and consider only manuscripts that come to them from literary agents.
  • Your agent can get your book to the right publisher. Good literary agents know the publishing business inside and out. They know what’s selling, and they know which publishing houses are looking for what kinds of manuscripts.
  • Your agent can get the best deal for your book. Experienced, well-respected agents can negotiate with publishers for high up-front advances for their clients, and they make sure their clients don’t give away the moon when they sign publishing contracts.
  • Your agent can help you make the right decisions for your writing career. Agents want their clients’ careers to flourish, and they’re always willing to do what they can to help their clients make the right decisions about what kinds of books to write and what kinds of publishing contracts to accept.
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